Shelby Holmes Meets Her Match

John Watson is used to being the new kid and this year is no exception. After solving a case with the intrepid Shelby Holmes, however, this time he’s certain that he can take the Academy with confidence. The only problem? Shelby. Or rather, his friendship with Shelby. It seems everyone at his school is jealousContinue reading “Shelby Holmes Meets Her Match”

Lock and Key: The Downward Spiral

I’d been waiting for this book for months. Ridley Pearson had – against my will – made me fall in love with the characters of his first book and now I was desperately hoping that the sequel would appear soon. And appear it did, but not in the way I expected. The sequel popped upContinue reading “Lock and Key: The Downward Spiral”

The World’s Greatest Detective

Meet Toby Montrose. For the past several years, he’s never lived in one place for long, being passed around from relative to relative like an old hand-me-down. But here on Detective Row, he finally thinks he may have a home, if he can just prove to his Uncle Gabriel that he can be a greatContinue reading “The World’s Greatest Detective”

Lock and Key: the Initiation

James Moriarty is one of the greatest criminal masterminds the world has ever known. But before he became the scheming, remorseless villain he is now, he was just my older brother, James…At Baskerville, an elite private boarding school founded by our ancestors, James started drifting to the darkness. It was there he met his roommate,Continue reading “Lock and Key: the Initiation”