Scholarship Writing

I don’t know about you guys, but the time has come around for me to be looking at scholarships. Yes, that’s right folks: scholarships. Actually, that time has been around for several months (or years, if you count my mom buying the book for looking at scholarships when I was in elementary school). With myContinue reading “Scholarship Writing”

New Draft

If you recall, I presented several excerpts of my current work to you. Sadly, it hasn’t been working out, so I’ve decided to start over and begin again. My story before was dry and needs a fresh take on how to write it. So, I’m going to start a new project on Dramatica Pro andContinue reading “New Draft”

The Writing Files: Passion

Today, I was going to entertain you with a post on suspense again, but I felt convicted to write something for writers concerning your passion: Everyone’s got a passion. For writers, your passion is channeled towards the work you love to write. Until recently, I was writing because I wanted to please certain people. IContinue reading “The Writing Files: Passion”

The Writing Files: Suspense

Every year my Pop goes to Comic Con. He’s a talented artist who enjoys seeing other talented artists and also helps me with my writing. He’s leaving today for San Diego, but before he goes, he got a quick chance to share with me some tips on writing suspense. In writing a mystery, it couldContinue reading “The Writing Files: Suspense”

The Writing Files: Dramatica Story 5

I finally got it! The newest version of Dramatica, the writing program! I am so excited and am currently using it to work on a few projects. Today I post on this highly recommended program that will help you write your story. I first found out about Dramatica a few years back. It was aContinue reading “The Writing Files: Dramatica Story 5”

Traveling Around the World

Summer school has officially begun! This week will be a run-down of our summer plans, with an exception for the writing files, and then we will get back to the regular schedule. In previous years, we have been around the globe all while sitting at home. Every year, Mom cleverly picks out a few “destinations”Continue reading “Traveling Around the World”

The Writing Files: Inspiration Station

It’s Wednesday and here, in So Cal, it looks like we finally got cool weather when it has been steaming. Weird! As I write this, we are heading off to a field trip at the Apple store! Woo hoo! Today I post on inspiration, what gets you into the mood. What inspires you? Is it music? IsContinue reading “The Writing Files: Inspiration Station”

All Things Cat

Friday is here! Nonfiction rolls in like fog and it’s time to read! I like cats. I don’t know what it is, but I do. In fact, cats have grown very popular among us kids. Mouse’s favorite daydream is having ten of them. Go figure! Whatever the reason, cats are a fascination with us; they are soContinue reading “All Things Cat”

Keepers of the Home

Our third Keepers meeting just passed today. Our project? Button necklaces! This doesn’t work like beading, instead you are gluing buttons to felt to make a kind of collar. All of us girls greatly enjoyed this project. The possibilities were endless and some real creativity popped up. Some of my favorites included a 3-D design,Continue reading “Keepers of the Home”