The World’s Greatest Detective

Meet Toby Montrose. For the past several years, he’s never lived in one place for long, being passed around from relative to relative like an old hand-me-down. But here on Detective Row, he finally thinks he may have a home, if he can just prove to his Uncle Gabriel that he can be a greatContinue reading “The World’s Greatest Detective”

The Great Shelby Holmes

“Every writer needs a good story to tell.” So are the words of John Watson, our guide in this new book for kids. Fun, intriguing, and full of great storytelling moments, this book was a refreshing break from the more serious novels I’ve found, surprisingly enough, in the children’s section. Shelby Holmes is a truly one-of a kindContinue reading “The Great Shelby Holmes”

Monday Excerpt

Her’s a little bit of a previous project which I discontinued due to some difficulties in writing style. Tell me what you think: I looked up. There it was, over on the corner. I walked to the door, slowly. When I saw it was locked, I turned around and walked to the back. The employees’Continue reading “Monday Excerpt”

The Writing Files: Suspense

Every year my Pop goes to Comic Con. He’s a talented artist who enjoys seeing other talented artists and also helps me with my writing. He’s leaving today for San Diego, but before he goes, he got a quick chance to share with me some tips on writing suspense. In writing a mystery, it couldContinue reading “The Writing Files: Suspense”

The Writing Files: Clue

Today I write on the film noir aspect of writing: mysteries. Black-and-white murder films, old time radio programs. Read on: My current project is working on Samuel Woodlock: Star of Egypt, a mystery novel whose main character is based off of Dan Holiday, Alan Ladd’s character in the radio show Box 13. Since writing the shortContinue reading “The Writing Files: Clue”

Evil Under the Sun

For those of you who have read my last post, you know what today’s post is about: Evil Under the Sun, one of Agatha Christie’s many novels. I have recently finished it and greatly enjoyed it. As one of the reviews says, and I quote, “Christie is a Queen of Crime. She drops her false leadsContinue reading “Evil Under the Sun”

Agatha Christie

I’m sure all of you have at least heard of Agatha Christie books. If not, that’s okay, because I hadn’t before this weekend. But for those of you who have, you know the pleasure of settling down with one of her intriguing mysteries. Recently, my mother, good as she is, helped me find a coupleContinue reading “Agatha Christie”