Ever After High

This Monday I mentioned I would be reviewing this new book series. Well, here’s my review: Have you ever wondered what happened to the fairytale characters? What happened after their story? Now, meet the kids who must carry on the responsibility and become the next generation. At the beginning of the school year, they mustContinue reading “Ever After High”

Keira the Movie Star Fairy

With a little fairy help, Daisy Meadows brings the newest special edition book of her popular series, Rainbow Magic! Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker are extras in a film that is being shot in their neighbor’s large garden. As the cameras get ready to roll, chaos begins to ensue. Is it just coincidence or theContinue reading “Keira the Movie Star Fairy”

Selena the Sleepover Fairy

I like Daisy Meadows’ work. I like her magical themes and great covers. This is written for girls and is a magical adventure you won’t want to miss. Kirsty and Rachel are excited about a big sleepover at their local museum. However, when they start to spot goblins and things go wrong, it’s up toContinue reading “Selena the Sleepover Fairy”

Keepers of the Home

Our third Keepers meeting just passed today. Our project? Button necklaces! This doesn’t work like beading, instead you are gluing buttons to felt to make a kind of collar. All of us girls greatly enjoyed this project. The possibilities were endless and some real creativity popped up. Some of my favorites included a 3-D design,Continue reading “Keepers of the Home”

Riddle of the Prairie Bride

Set in the 1870’s, this historical mystery is sure to entertain any girl looking for a Western tale of daring-do. Ida Kate Deming’s mama died when she was just a little girl. Now her Papa is getting a mail order bride, which will make her family complete. Ida will get a mama, friend, and babyContinue reading “Riddle of the Prairie Bride”

Ribbons ‘N’ Things

Yesterday was another fun day for Keepers at Home! Our group met again to have some fun with new crafts. Girls showed up slowly and there were much fewer than usual. We sat down to converse for a few minutes, then it was time for a brief devotion. After flipping through our Bibles and learningContinue reading “Ribbons ‘N’ Things”

Girls of Many Lands

Last Friday I got the chance to find some books that I was personally very pleased with: Girls of Many Lands. Each book is set in history, with a twelve-year-old girl as the heroine. I found it funny that the regular American girl books have ten-year olds (which corresponds with my 10th B-Day) and these twelve-yearContinue reading “Girls of Many Lands”

The Double-Daring Book for Girls

We went to the library again. Usually I pick up whatever new books I find and a bunch of old ones, but this time something very special was found. For all those who liked The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls (not by the same authors) here it is…The Double-Daring Book for Girls! I wasContinue reading “The Double-Daring Book for Girls”