In the charming, perfect little town of Broomsweep, magic is underfoot. Ivy and her grandmother are healers, and they welcome everyone into their home. Even magical beasts. When an injured griffin crashes onto their doorstep, pixies flit in, and a dragon with a cold drops by, the people of Broomsweep demand Ivy and their grandmother demandContinue reading “Ivy”

The Great Shelby Holmes

“Every writer needs a good story to tell.” So are the words of John Watson, our guide in this new book for kids. Fun, intriguing, and full of great storytelling moments, this book was a refreshing break from the more serious novels I’ve found, surprisingly enough, in the children’s section. Shelby Holmes is a truly one-of a kindContinue reading “The Great Shelby Holmes”

Star Wars Series

If you’re looking to enjoy some Star Wars literature that expands the universe, these three series are perfect for you! Jedi Apprentice explores the past of one of Star Wars’ most intriguing heroes: Obi-Wan Kenobi. This series takes us back to when he was only a thirteen year old, without a master and close to beingContinue reading “Star Wars Series”

Just a Little Taste

Today I post on a little story I’ve been working on. The main character is a girl who has moved into a boring old town. She doesn’t think life can become more dull and figures that the rest of the summer with her grandmother will be this way. One day, she finds something that sheContinue reading “Just a Little Taste”