A Random Sketch

This is just a quick drawing that I was doing the other day while watching the Rocketeer film. One of my favorite movies, it’s based off of the popular comics and stars an awesome cast that was made for the parts. If you’re a fan of Tsum-Tsums, you’ll know what they look like. I justContinue reading “A Random Sketch”

The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World

This is a terrific book for any hardcore Disney enthusiast. Written by Susan Veness, The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World is the perfect guide to the magical theme park that resides in Florida. Exploring each part of Disneyworld, this book gives you insider information and offers plenty of exciting tips for any and all. ReadContinue reading “The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World”

Disney Trivia From the Vault

Have you ever wondered what an E ticket ride is? If Pluto was originally Mickey’s dog? Fear not, trivia fans! Disney has come through with a book of questions and answers from the “ask Dave” column of Disney magazine. Read Q & A from sections such as: Disneyland, animated films, and live-action films. This collectiveContinue reading “Disney Trivia From the Vault”