Just a Lil’ Fanart

So, this week I decided to be lazy – sue me… Anyhoo, I sketched this little image as a rough, quickie for some of my friends who moved away. I had planned on doing something along the line of something Amy Mebberson might do. Some of her stuff has been featured on Disney and Disney-relatedContinue reading “Just a Lil’ Fanart”

Rotten to the Core

Today we are talking all things Descendants. As most of you probably know by now, I’m a HUGE Disney fan. However, when I was younger I wasn’t really allowed to watch Disney Channel. That all changed when a little movie you might have heard of came out. In 2015, Descendants premiered, breaking the classic DisneyContinue reading “Rotten to the Core”

Band Club

I recently started sketching the Disney Villains (and other Disney characters) in a stylized version, creating little one-panel comics. This one of Lady Tremaine and Ursula is one of my particular favorites.   I loved drawing this for several reasons. The first being Ursula was my great-grandmother’s favorite Disney character. She had a picture ofContinue reading “Band Club”