Willy’s Stories

Every week I walk through these doors and something incredible happens. I go on amazing adventures.  Come with me and I’ll show you… With colorful images and a fun, quizzical way of telling the story – or stories, one might say – Anthony Browne’s Willy’s Stories is a wonderful book. As usual, I found this book whileContinue reading “Willy’s Stories”

Mama Seeton’s Whistle

I recently found this book at the library. SO cute and such a well illustrated, good read. One day as Mama Seeton came out to call her young son, Skippy, she couldn’t find him. Though she looked everywhere, he wasn’t to be found. And that’s when it happened. Without even thinking about it, she puckered her lipsContinue reading “Mama Seeton’s Whistle”

A Fairy’s Friend

There are fairies in the sky, All around you, fairies fly. Flit and flutter, tumble, twirl, When the wind blows, fairies swirl…   So begins this entrancing children’s book by fabulous author Sue Fliess and illustrator Claire Keane. If you’ve ever wanted to catch a fairy, this book is the perfect how-to. Little girls will loveContinue reading “A Fairy’s Friend”