In the charming, perfect little town of Broomsweep, magic is underfoot. Ivy and her grandmother are healers, and they welcome everyone into their home. Even magical beasts. When an injured griffin crashes onto their doorstep, pixies flit in, and a dragon with a cold drops by, the people of Broomsweep demand Ivy and their grandmother demandContinue reading “Ivy”

A Fairy’s Friend

There are fairies in the sky, All around you, fairies fly. Flit and flutter, tumble, twirl, When the wind blows, fairies swirl…   So begins this entrancing children’s book by fabulous author Sue Fliess and illustrator Claire Keane. If you’ve ever wanted to catch a fairy, this book is the perfect how-to. Little girls will loveContinue reading “A Fairy’s Friend”

Harry Potter

Now that I’ve finished the series, I’m here to give you my official opinion: Wow. That’s all for today folks! Bye…..Didn’t fool you? Ok, alright, fine. My real review is this: It was colorful and magical. The characters were rich in background and the story had every plot twist that could be possibly added withoutContinue reading “Harry Potter”

The Menagerie: Krakens and Lies

WARNING – You probably would want to read the first two books, The Menagerie and The Menagerie: Dragon Trial before you read this book. Tui T. Sutherland and Kari Sutherland bring you the conclusion to their stunning series The Menagerie. Read for laughter and enjoyment: In Krakens and Lies, Logan Wilde has found a plan for anContinue reading “The Menagerie: Krakens and Lies”

Ever After High

This Monday I mentioned I would be reviewing this new book series. Well, here’s my review: Have you ever wondered what happened to the fairytale characters? What happened after their story? Now, meet the kids who must carry on the responsibility and become the next generation. At the beginning of the school year, they mustContinue reading “Ever After High”

The Emperor’s New Clothes

We all know the story of the foolish emperor. He wants a new outfit, is scammed into appearing bare, and is told by an honest kid what a silly thing he was doing. This time however we have a story with fresh voices, hidden jokes (or sometimes obvious), and stunning images. Some of these greatContinue reading “The Emperor’s New Clothes”