Pearls, Perfume, and the Little Black Dress

Picture it. The scene is France in the early 20th century, a day when corsets still have a grasp on society and skirts rise no higher than the ankle. This is a day when women are still restrained by the clothing they wear, but not for long if Miss Coco has anything to say aboutContinue reading “Pearls, Perfume, and the Little Black Dress”

Just Being Audrey

This week is a simple post, what with having gotten my first job (yay!), my second college class ending, and the holidays coming up. I’ve got some pretty special ideas for my December posts, but that’ll have to wait until next week when it is actually December. Until then, today’s post is on a bookContinue reading “Just Being Audrey”

Nelly Bly: A Name to Be Reckoned With

As a younger girl, I was a huge fan of Nelly Bly. To me she stood up there along with several historical heroes. Today I don’t read much about her, but I do find her life story pretty amazing. I picked this biography up last week and enjoyed it immensely. In 1885, Elizabeth Cochrane stoppedContinue reading “Nelly Bly: A Name to Be Reckoned With”