The Art of Disney Costuming

This week we’re reading through a wonderful nonfiction book from Disney. If you’re a fan of their films and the beautiful costumes featured in them, you’re going to love this one!

Summary: Love the Red Queen’s regally quirky wardrobe? Think the swashbuckling threads of Jack Sparrow and crew are dashingly tattered? If you have an interest in fashion, films, and Disney in general, check out The Art of Disney Costuming: Heroes, Villains, and Spaces Between. From costume designers such as Colleen Atwood to Penny Rose, the work on Disney films is as intricate and varied as the movies themselves; fans will find themselves once more transported back to the world of their favorite films through the high (or low) style of the colorful characters who inhabit them.

My Thoughts: I’m part of a strong film-oriented family. Watching films is a social event for us, complete with critique making it only natural to pay attention to the art of the costumes as well. It’s always enjoyable to see – and in this case read about – artists who are truly passionate about their work. This isn’t an incredibly deep read. Aspiring costumers will find more inspiration than substance, making it still well worth the time for the wondrous designs found throughout. I highly recommend this to the enthusiastic Disney nerds or clever designers out there. This is one you’ll want to return to for good afternoon  perusal again and again.

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