The League of Secret Heroes

This week we’re reading through some very heroic material for our latest book review. Interested in superheroes, historical fiction, and female leads? You’ll love this one by Kate Hannigan.

The Story: Josie O’Malley knows that superheroes don’t exist – not now anyway. They disappeared a while back, but she’s crossing her fingers that they’re still out there, fighting the good fight across the ocean. Maybe they’ve hung up their capes here in America, but she’s certain no true hero would forget about the war with Germany and Japan. If only she was superhero enough to take up the fight on her own home turf. When she decided to try out to become a puzzler and help the war effort, she soon discovers she’s not the only one who wants to contribute to the war effort. Mae and Akiko both believe in their country and fighting injustice, despite the injustice they face in their own lives. Through a bizarre turn of events, the three girls find themselves transformed into the very heroes they aspire to be. Everything finally seems to be working in their favor. But what happens when you’re not sure who you can trust, you’re fighting to be recognized by the people you’re trying to protect, and you’re not even sure the war you can’t fight will even end?

My Thoughts: I’m a big fan of historical fiction. What with the plethora of WWII novels being released, there’s plenty to enjoy, but The League of Secret Heroes: Cape stood out to me. With its unique format (graphic storytelling scattered throughout the book) and plucky heroines, this is a book that will teach, inspire, and enthrall.

Parental Advisories: None! A clean read all the way through. The book does touch on racism, the Japanese internment camps, and WWII though, topics worthy of discussion if your reader hasn’t come across them.

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