Knights vs Monsters

In 2019, Matt Phelan brought us a unique take on the middle ages and knighthood with his Knights vs Dinosaurs. This time the unique troupe of heroes are poised to take on an altogether different kind of foe in this exciting follow up read.

The Story: The quest for the Holy Grail drags on, but the Band of the Terrible Lizards knows this is not their place. They’re meant for more than journeying from town to town looking for an ancient cup, with the most exciting bit of news being Hector’s mustache being clipped down. When will they finally get back to their adventures of daring do? When a mysterious boat sails towards them, the knights decide to see where it will lead. But when they reach the Isle of Orkney, where Queen Morguase, Mordred, and her three sons inhabit the stone castle, the knights realize there’s more to this new quest than meets the eye. Indeed, once night has fallen, the brave troupe will realize there’s a lot more than just dragons awaiting them in the twilight, but perhaps something far worse…

My Thoughts: Having enjoyed the previous work, Knights vs Monsters was a welcome sequel. I think the story was well-written, with intriguing beats being woven in and certain story threads left open rather well to lead into yet another book (but if you haven’t read it, you’ll have to see what I mean and comment on whether you agree). Matt Phelan does a good job of honoring Scottish folklore by weaving in some traditional mythical creatures. This was a highly enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend it.

Parental Advisories: A clean read! Some mild violence, and mention is made of witchcraft, so parental discretion advised. However, the magic is no more than a mysterious mist that is controlled by a queen who supposedly is practiced in sorcery. Explicit ceremonies, spells, and the like are not made mention of.

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