Ada’s Violin

If there’s something I love, it’s a story that focuses on characters who overcome their circumstances. Even better? When it’s based on true to life events as in this week’s read based off of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay by Susan Hood and illustrated by Sally Wern Comfort.

The Story: In a trash heap in Paraguay, children like Ada yearn for a different life. There’s not much hope however. They must be content knowing their life is built on, in, and around trash. When music lessons are offered legacy, a little bit of hope emerges – only to be dashed once more. With only so many instruments available, instruments that cannot be taken home for practice given their high cash value, how can any of the children even dare to dream of becoming musicians? Still, there’s nothing that can-do attitude can’t fix and where better to find the material for instruments then in the middle of the biggest foraging spot ever.

My Thoughts: For anyone who says “can’t”, there are others around the world who say “can”. This is one of those books that will inspire readers to not only take comfort and develop gratitude for what they have, but to inspire them to reach higher. Nothing is impossible and your circumstances are not deciding factors in what will and won’t happen in your life. These children and their parents proved determination and courage are much more than the things that may seem to hold you back.

Parental Advisories: None! Clean and inspiring, regardless of age.

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