The History of Rock

Yeah we know. Anything nonfiction with the word “history” in the title aimed at children and there’s an instant trepidation. But who says learning can’t be fun? Rita Nabais and illustrator Joana Raimundo certainly think it can be and they prove it with this week’s rockin’ read.

Summary: Rock n’ roll. Once a rebellious fad for teenagers, now a ubiquitous form of music featured everywhere from your local roller rink to blockbuster superhero films to your grandma’s living room. As wellspread as the genre is, it’s just as colorful and varied. To catalogue the Beatles with Alice Cooper? This is one genre that’s just got to be explored, and this book does that job well. From the roots of soul, country, and the evolution from Elvis to Led Zeppelin, this is the perfect introduction to the story behind rock n’ roll for big fans and little punks alike.

My Thoughts: Having been raised in a household where Van Halen (who deserved more than a footnote to Led Zeppelin based on Eddie alone but I digress) was considered to be one of the greats. That having been said, author Rita Nabais and illustrator Joana Raimundo do an excellent job of making rock n’ roll history fun to learn. If you were ever a music and/or rock junkie, this is the perfect book to get you back into the classics and introduce you to that vivid, showstopping (or dark and metallic – whatever your preference) world of rock music.

Parental Advisories: None! Clean nonfiction read that is suitable and enjoyable for all audiences.

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