Ask Emma: Frenemies

A few months back we reviewed a fun new take on the classic Jane Austen novel Emma with the middle grade read Ask Emma. Today we’re taking a look at the followup by Sheryl Berk and Carrie Berk.

The Story: Emma could not be happier. Her blog “Ask Emma” is doing better than ever and summer is coming up soon. Everything is going great – until it’s not. When Emma realizes that one of her best friends and crush, Jackson Knight, is going to DC on a conference that helps kids out, she’s livid. Helping people out is her specialty and instead shy Jackson Knight gets to go? In order to be allowed, Emma makes a deal with one of her teachers: she will be impartial for forty-eight hours. Easy, right? Except Emma, as opinionated as she is, is finding it a lot harder to keep silent, especially when it’s her friends that need help. And as the DC trip grows closer, she realizes that giving impartial advice might be harder than she thought.

My Thoughts: The first Ask Emma resembled Austen’s original novel much more than this one, but nevertheless this was an enjoyable read. Sheryl and Carrie Berk are a lovely mother/daughter writing duo and this book does not disappoint.

Parental Advisories: I am always pleased to find a middle grade read that I can certify as 100% squeaky clean and Ask Emma: Frenemies definitely passes the test.

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