Voices: The Final Hours of Joan of Arc

One of my favorite heroines is explored in this new novel by David Elliott. Written in a lyrical prose that manages to capture the sweeping epic of her life, Voices: The Final Hours of Joan of Arc is worth a read. This book was released within the last few months, making this the perfect time to give this new book a review.

The Story: Ever since the flame has seen Joan’s bright spirit and mighty courage, it has known that she will succumb to the fire. Ever since Joan has heard the Voice, she knows that she cannot be a normal girl. And ever since the many voices, the many souls intertwined in this grand narrative have met, they know that France and its history will never be the same. This is the tale of Joan of Arc, as told by the dress she discarded, the sword she carried, the horse she rode, and the people she shared her life with. These are the Voices that write the truth.

My Thoughts: Of all the books I’ve read this year, this has definitely got to be one of the most uniquely formatted. All of the voices in the book are well written poetic verses that draw the reader closer into the intriguing depths of Joan’s life. Though this is much more of a fictitious than factual read, David Elliot does an excellent job of weaving in historical fact and fiction in this unique novel.

Parental Advisories: I recommend holding off on handing this book to your younger readers as the book discusses virginity, lust, and what it means to be a witch, themes that might be better off discussed with teens.

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