100 Dresses: The Starlight Slippers

This week we’re reviewing the third in a fun middle grade fantasy series by Susan Maupin Schmid. We’ve already viewed the first two books in this poster HERE, and today we’re looking at the newest novel in the series.

The Story: Princess Mariposa is getting married (for real this time) and the castle is all in a tizzy, including the princess herself. She’s determined to get her hands on the Starlight Slippers that once belonged belonged to Queen Candace, years before the dragons came to the palace. Darling is excited about the slippers too, for an altogether different reason. She knows the truth about the magic of the castle and she hopes that these slippers might be the key to discovering more about the secrets of the magic. And speaking of keys, she’s still not figured out where the secret key she has leads to. Roger and Gillian have been helping, but Darling can’t seem to find the right keyhole. To make matters worse, something mysterious is disrupting the wedding plans and the dragons that lurk on the castle roof are growing restless. She knows it might be any day now that they get loose and it’s becoming more and more important that she discover the truth about her legacy as one of the last Wrays. Time is running out for Darling – can she solve this mystery too?

My Thoughts: From the first book in the series, I enjoyed Susan Maupin Schmid’s entertaining voice and well-paced narratives, each reminiscent of other successful fantasy authors whom I’ve enjoyed. My younger sister was something of a vetting audience for the first book and highly enjoyed it as well. The characters are as engaging as ever, though I’d definitely give the previous two books a reread so you’re not lost picking this book up.

Parental Advisories: As usual, this is a clean and entertaining read with no reason to give parents worry.

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