August Isle

Though summer is long gone, Ali Standish’s novel August Isle is sure to transport you to a summer beach with a fresh slice of tangy pie on your lap.

The Story: All Miranda wants to do is relax and enjoy this summer. Is that too much to ask? Finally she might be able to bake. Maybe she might even be able to share her summer with her mom for once. Unfortunately, her family has other plans. With her father taking on a big case and her mom leaving for what feels like the millionth time, Miranda is going to the one place she’s always wanted to go, the one time she doesn’t want to go there: August Isle. She doesn’t know much about the place where her mother grew up, but she’s hoping that by being there maybe she can discover the truth of why her mom no longer loves her as she used to. After Miranda breaks into a supposedly abandoned shack across the harbor, she, her cousins Sammy, and new friend Caleb are stuck helping out old Mr. Taylor, whose secrets may have more to do with her than she thinks. From sailing lessons that terrify her to the baking contest that she’s ashamed she can’t actually bake for, this is going to be a summer that she’ll never forget.

My Thoughts: Ali Standish outdoes herself with this excellent novel. Miranda is a likeable and relatable main character and the supporting cast is just as enjoyable to read about. The plot, pacing, and prose are well-written; this is easily one of the most engaging reads I’ve picked up within the month. The emotional points of this book are touching and you may even find yourself a little choked up at the end.

Parental Advisories: Cussing is made mention of during the book, but is never actually written out.

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