Lizzie Flying Solo

For animal fans and middle grade readers who are looking for stories with lots of heart and hope, I would recommend checking out this week’s read Lizzie Flying Solo written by Nanci Turner Stevenson.

The Story: Once upon a time Lizzie had a home and a complete family with her dad, who was not a criminal. Now she has neither of those things and instead she’s living with her mom in an inbetween home. Waiting for her father’s trial and life to land back in normal-town is hardly easy. Still, she has Bryce, an equally new student at her school, as a friend and even better, she has the stables nearby where she can watch Fire. Lizzie has never been able to forget about the difficulty of her life like she can when she watches this horse. If only she could ride him; better yet, Lizzie really wants to own Fire. But with the financial situation her family is in, there’s no way she’s going to be able to pay for a pony. Still, Lizzie’s fortunes may worsen, but her spirit is not beaten. She knows that she and Fire are destined to ride together and if she can’t fix the broken things then she will rise above them.

My Thoughts: This is a quaint and straightforward story that is what it claims to be. Lizzie is an engaging main character surrounded by genuine characters who have lives of their own, engaging backstories and complicated stories of their own. The plucky spirit of ambition and drive that Lizzie has to get her goals is actually a pretty great example for middle graders. This is definitely a middle grade book, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t well written or interesting. I’d definitely recommend this for younger readers.

Parental Advisories: Child abuse is made mention of and divorce is a heavily explored topic in this book, so this is definitely a book that you want to discuss if you’re handing this off to younger readers.

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