The Camelot Code

King Arthur is revived in this middle-grade novel that brings urban fantasy to the modern century. Mari Mancusi brings this innovative new story to life in her newest novel The Camelot Code: The Once and Future Geek.

The Story: Sophie is not exactly the most popular girl. Stuart is not exactly the most athletic boy. Guinevere is not exactly the most normal girl. Arthur is not exactly the most powerful boy. The only difference? The two pairs of kids live centuries apart and one pair of kids are destined to be some of the most important in English legend. Together, though, this unlikely crew might have to be something more. When Arthur finds himself in a present without his best friend, where his tragic story is well known, and where he’s disheartened. The world as Stuart and Sophie know it is getting a whole lot stranger, but luckily they’re something of experts in this field. Well, more or less. Surely years of fantasy video gaming has to count for something, right? Either way, Stuart and Sophie have been tasked by Merlin to help Arthur get back to his own time before England collapses. Worse, Arthur’s enemies have come to the future as well and they’re not going to stop until they have taken control of both the past and present.

My Thoughts: Mari Mancusi does an excellent job of playing with the psychological aspects of the King Arthur story. What would have happened had Arthur known about his legend? For middle grade and younger readers, this is an exciting adventure/fantasy story with a good emotional backbone and relatable characters. The plot is well woven and the pacing is great.

Parental Advisories: This is a clean read, though there is a bit of romance intertwined (but one can expect that in a story about King Arthur).

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