Amazing Decisions

This week we’re reading a nonfiction read that is both entertaining and informative. Adults, teens, and children alike can enjoy this book – Amazing Decisions: The Illustrated Guide to Improving Business Deals and Family Meals by Dan Ariely and Matt Trower – that helps them to navigate the world in a clearer way.

Summary: Ever found yourself wondering how to decide on a gift for that hard to pick for friend? Or what do you do to incentivize employees? Better yet, what do you do as the employee? Have to hire someone for babysitting or need to sign a contract? Dan Ariely crafts a quick-paced story molded around basic economic and social principles that makes learning fun. Through the clever everyman character Adam, readers will learn how to truly make the best decisions and how to view everyday choices with clarity and wisdom. Are they trying to get a social exchange? A monetary investment? Both sides have their place – but do you know them? Written with wit and illustrated in a charmingly simple graphic style that keeps the attention focused on the lesson, Amazing Decisions is a book that’s well worth your time and effort.

I truly enjoyed this one and found myself having learned at least a few tips on how to manage everyday life. It’s amazing how much we don’t think about in everyday life and how much this volume teaches that could be put into practice.

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