Tis the Season – Day 21

Merry Christmas season everyone! To celebrate all the holiday festivities, every day in December I’m posting a review on a Christmas book. I hope you all join me this December to enjoy some fun and seasonal cheer.

You may think you know the story of Santa Claus, but do you know the story of Papa Noel? As the story goes, kids up north may call him Santa, and kids in England may call him Father Christmas, and kids in France may call him Pere Noel, but down south, they call him Papa Noel. On this particular Christmas night, Papa Noel is prepared to make his annual journey to deliver gifts to all the good little Cajun girls and boys – but the fog is so thick! Even with the help of his trusty magic alligator, Nicolette, Papa Noel is not sure he’ll make it. That is, until the Cajun people prove just how hardy they are. Papa Noel will make it this Christmas after all!

This is a cute and well-illustrated story. Definitely not your average Santa in a red suit tale. It’s rather fun and original and something I think kids will like. I recommend this read.

QoTD: Christmas in summer or Independence Day in winter?

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