Tis the Season – Day 16

Merry Christmas season everyone! To celebrate all the holiday festivities, every day in December I’m posting a review on a Christmas book. I hope you all join me this December to enjoy some fun and seasonal cheer.

Have you ever dreamed of that perfect vacation? A sandy beach, blue ocean, and no cares at all in the world…that’s what the Coal Man dreams about. Instead he works in a dark and dank mine, removing coal for Santa’s naughty list. It’s hard work, but he dreams of taking his mule, Jenny, his canary, Pete, and himself out of their conditions and to a far away tropical paradise. One Christmas, Santa has shocking news. He no longer will be using coal to punish bad boys and girls! Now what will the Coal Man will do? His dream seems further away than ever…until he receives a special Christmas surprise.

The Christmas Coal Man, written and illustrated by Joe Kulka, is a rather interesting take on a Christmas story. Instead of being about a more typical character, such as Santa, a child on Christmas, or one of the elves, this story focuses on an aspect of the holidays that has previously never been well-expounded upon. It is very sweet and offers an interesting perspective. I recommend you read it, as it’s well-told and illustrated.

QoTD: What would you put in a naughty kid’s stocking if you were Santa Claus?

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