Tis the Season – Day 14

Merry Christmas season everyone! To celebrate all the holiday festivities, every day in December I’m posting a doodle/sketch in addition to a review on a Christmas book. I hope you all join me this December to enjoy some fun and seasonal cheer.

We all have days where we feel a little bit small and the world seems terrifyingly big. For Clementine though, it’s not an exaggeration: she’s so small she can fit in her parents’ palm!   Though life is pretty fun for Clementine, there’s one part of the year that flummoxes and confounds her. Try as she might, it seems she just can’t Santa to realize she’s the size she is. Everything he brings her is too big! One Christmas morning, when an especially big box for her comes, Clementine knows that Santa’s done it again and that she’s received another item a little girl like her can’t use. But wait until she opens it up! With cute illustrations by Harriet Muncaster and an adorable main character, The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present is sure to be a simple and enjoyable read for all, no matter what age they are.

Today’s sketch is another simple one, a retro elf-design. With the inspiration I’m having for these guys I may just decide to follow up and do a character sheet later on in the season. Let me know what you guys think!

QoTD: would you rather eat only one gingerbread piece every ten years or eat fruitcake every single day of your life (and when I say fruitcake, I mean the real stuff, not that imitation junk from the store)?

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2 Responses to Tis the Season – Day 14

  1. Hey, kiddo, where’s the picture? (I’m sure it’s great!)

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