Tis the Season – Day 11

Merry Christmas season everyone! To celebrate all the holiday festivities, every day in December I’m posting a doodle/sketch in addition to a review on a Christmas book. I hope you all join me this December to enjoy some fun and seasonal cheer.

There are many books that we cherish and remember forever. What a happy moment it is when the rest of the world seems to realize how good that read is too. One of these particularly well-known reads is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Since then, this book has become one of a series, leading to stories about pigs, dogs, and kittens. Recently I picked up this holiday If You Give…. book, If You Take a Mouse to the Movies: A Special Christmas Edition. As per the traditional format, the book begins with the movies but less to totally unexpected and enjoyable escapades. Also included in the back of this book are some activities, recipes, and crafts for kids to enjoy during the holidays. Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond once again created another great book for the whole family to enjoy!

For December 2nd, I was inspired by the holier and more reverent aspects of Christmas – predominantly Jesus’ birth and the nativity story. For that theme, I created a little Christmas angel using a combination of pastels and my Prismacolor 24 colored set:

For my question of the day, would you rather get a hippopotamus or a rhinoceros for Christmas?

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