Tis the Season – Day 1

Merry Christmas season everyone! To celebrate all the holiday festivities, every day in December I’m posting a doodle/sketch in addition to a review on a Christmas book. I hope you all join me this December to enjoy some fun and seasonal cheer.

Today’s book is less of a Christmas day book and more of a Christmas-time book. Written by A. J. Wood and illustrated by Maggie Kneen, this story follows Rabbit and Badger as they attempt to raise the little mischievous owl they find lost in the woods. Though their hearts are in the right place, Little Owl always seems to be in the wrong place. Making trouble and having innocent fun, it’s hard to keep track of the well-camouflaged bird. That’s why on Christmas Day, Little Owl receives a very special gift: a bright red, Christmas hat. All seems well – until his hat almost gets him into a lot of trouble.


And for the first sketch of the month is my interpretation of one of Santa’s elves – during the “golden age” of Santa Claus (think the original Miracle on 34th Street or the Rankin and Bass cartoons). I like the retro look and in writing my own Christmas story it seems a rather enjoyable period to spend time on.

What do you guys think? For my question of the day: What is your favorite Christmas clothing accessory? Whether a cozy scarf or a warm beanie, I hope that you stay nicely bundled up.


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