The Greatest Treasure Hunt in History

Kid’ nonfiction seems to be getting better and better, with reads that could be considered quite easily enjoyable for adults, teens, pre-teens, and children alike. While a movie was made several years ago about the “Monuments Men”, author Robert M. Edsel strives to explore their endeavors a little bit more in this eye-opening read.

Summary: As World War II drew to a close, America’s art community became aware of a historical travesty that might be continued if they did not do something about it. In June 1944, a military unit assembled of artists, art historians, and soldiers decided to take matters into their own hands by taking back the art that Germany had stolen from the museums and countries it had conquered. Together, these men would save the surviving paintings art and history they could – in the process making history themselves.

My Thoughts: I’ve watched the Monuments Men film before and watched a short documentary on the subject as well, but I did not realize that the film was inspired by Robert M. Edsel’s book. It is a pleasure to read through this comprehensive research project into the history and heroism of these men. I appreciate the fact that Robert M. Edsel chose to reintroduce his book for younger readers, though I will note this book is formatted so that any readers could enjoy. This is a read that would actually be great for young adult consumers who don’t want to read through a lot of dry information but want to enjoy learning about this fascinating piece of history.

Parental Advisories: There is some mild swearing throughout, so I’d be careful handing this to a younger reader; this book is definitely aimed at audiences in the middle grade demographic and higher. Adults who have not had a chance to pick up Robert M. Edsel’s original book may want to pick this one up so they can read through with their child as it is definitely worth it.

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1 Response to The Greatest Treasure Hunt in History

  1. I’m going to have to read this… Naw, just kidding! I’ll just watch the movie again.

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