Tangled in Time: The Portal

This week we’re reading a book released earlier this year by renowned children’s author Kathryn Lasky titled Tangled in Time: The Portal. The book is the first of what seems to be a series of novels in the historical fantasy genre.

The Story: Everything seems to have gone downhill for Rose Ashley. Once upon a time she was an aspiring fashion designer who lived in Philadelphia and went to a great school. All of that is behind her now. With her mom’s recent death, Rose is shipped off to live with her grandmother in Indianapolis and is forced to go to school where the “Mean Queens” rule. To make matters worse, all of Rose’s fashion supplies haven’t arrived and Rose’s grandmother has dementia. Life is lonely. What with the girls at school constantly trying to ruin her life or the fact that her only surviving family doesn’t even remember who she is half the time, Rose thinks her life is over – that is, until she discovers that the greenhouse on the estate is a bit more than what it seems. When she follows a stray cat through the doors, she finds herself in a different time and place, more specifically Elizabethean England. Rose isn’t sure how she got there, but when she discovers a locket with a family photo and a painting of a strange man, she is determined to discover the truth. Maybe if she can figure it out she’ll not just solve a mystery, but heal her own tangled family mess for good.

My Thoughts: This was an entertaining and well written read. Kathry Lasky is known for her excellent pacing and all of the characters (with the exception of the Mean Queens) are likable. One of the pluses of handing this book off to your kids is how educational it is. Readers will enjoy discovering more about England’s rich history in this engaging mystery. I highly recommend this read for any readers willing to take on the challenge.

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