Scream and Scream Again

As spooky season gets in full spirit and chills, we’re reviewing some more haunting reads. This week on the blog as we get to the big day itself, we’re reading R. L. Stine’s and the Mystery Writers of America newest collection for younger readers: Scream and Scream Again!

The Story: What lies beyond in the woods? Why does she have nails like claws? What really goes on behind closed doors? Who is making the shrieks that can be heard? How can they make their haunted house even more terrifying? R. L. Stine and the Mystery Writers of America bring you this horrifying volume, filled with tales to instill fear in you. Of course, if a story is not enough, they have their ways…Not every story starts with a scream, but every story certainly ends with one. From mysterious screams of bobcats in the woods to haunted houses to ghosts, this is one chilling compendium of short stories.

My Thought: I’m about to admit to you guys a shocking secret. Ready? I have never read a Goosebumps book. Yes, it’s true. Despite their position as a staple of childhood nightmares (kidding), I never had an interest in picking up anything in that series. That’s not to say R. L. Stine isn’t a good author – I just have no experience with his work. That having been said, this was a pretty good collection of short stories. Definitely juvenile, with a varying degree of excellent writing style and voice, but still worth it for a younger reader who can’t wait to get into spooky stories.

Parental Advisories: This is a collection of “scary” stories so read at your own risk. Know there is death, destruction, and mayhem galore.

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