Spooktacular Reads: Part 2

This week we return to Spooktacular Reads with even more books to enjoy. As stated previously, these are all clean children’s reads that are fun for the whole family. The colorful illustrations and vivid storytelling are sure to please readers young and old alike.

Today’s first pick is The Story of the Jack O’Lantern. This book tells the tale of Jack, a mean spirited soul who takes what he wants and never thinks of the consequences. One cold Halloween night, Jack makes a deal with the devil – quite literally. Hungry for a sumptuous meal but out of the funds to pay for it, he agrees to pay back his debt on the day he dies. Wandering for years and continuing his stingy ways, Jack never thinks about his debt…until one night as he carves away at a stolen pumpkin, the stranger returns. It’s time to pay back his debt, but Jack is not dead yet. Though he survives an attack via a burning coal, Jack is condemned to wander the earth forever; never to find a place to stay, with only a glowing pumpkin to light his way. This chilling tale will be something to remember as children carve their own pumpkins during the Halloween season.

Our next pick is Boo!, the tale of a ghost who just wants to be the scariest of them all at his school’s Scariest Spook Competition. But what will make him scary enough? Will paint make him scarier? Boo! Will fangs and dark wings make him scarier? Boo! What will make him scary? Follow this little ghost in a simple picture book that is fun for the whole family to read. The illustrative narrative is simple to follow and even the youngest readers can enjoy reading the book without any difficulty. The story is also rather sweet and is fun to enjoy.

The last pick of the day is Trick Arr Treat. This fun spin on Halloween night is a perfect representation of what every kid thinks Halloween is about. Getting together with a pack of friends, putting on an awesome costume, and pillaging – er, politely asking adults for treats. Complete with appropriate punctuations of pirate exclamations, funny moments, and an enjoyable battle, this book is what it means to have fun. It is colorful, entertaining, and true to the spirit of the season. Kids and adults alike will love reading through, even if it’s just to say “Arr” over and over.

I hope you all are looking forward to his Halloween; I know I certainly am. Let me know what your favorite part about Halloween is. Have a spooktacular October!

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