Belle Takes Flight

Disney’s 2017 live action remake of their beloved classic Beauty and the Beast gets a sequel with Disney Press’ new children’s book Belle Takes Flight. Filled with adventure, mystery, and just a little magic, this release is sure to please the reader in your home!

The Story: Life is never boring in the castle. Belle’s father, Maurice, has recently moved in and is constructing a flying balloon which will allow her and the Prince to soar through the skies. With a little bit of enchanted help from the master of the castle and a few of Belle’s ingenious ideas, the balloon is almost completed when the Prince spots a music box that takes him back to his tragic past. When he disappears and appears in the Magic Mirror captured in a dungeon far away, Belle knows she must rescue him. Through the power of stories, she and her friends will travel beyond all they know to save a friend – and in the process save a kingdom.

My Thoughts: This was an enjoyable read that I easily plowed through, though there are definitely some things I could nitpick. For one, this book is supposed to be a sequel to the live action film, but I was actually confused as to whether it was supposed to be due to certain character descriptions being rather different from their live-action counterparts. Mrs. Potts is suddenly short, squat, and Irish with fellow servant Cogsworth apparently being rather rotund as well. In addition, the Beast/Prince is just called “the Prince” throughout the entirety of the book. I definitely think he could use a name as it got a bit repetitive to use the same name over and over.

Parental Advisories: None! This is a clean read absolutely perfect for kids.

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