Dear Sister

I usually enjoy a uniquely formatted book and one with a big heart is to be even more appreciated. Today we’re looking at a children’s book that will touch your heart whether or not you are an older sibling or a little sibling: Alisen McGhee and Joe Bluhm’s Dear Sister.

The Story: A new addition to the household has arrived and the newly dubbed “brother” is not happy. Not one bit. His sister takes over everything in the house and she whines all the time. Plus, despite the fact that he clearly has as many dietary objections to lima beans as she, he’s the only one forced to eat the disgusting green vegetables. So here’s his plan. He’s going to write letters to his sister (even if she’s so stupid she can’t read yet). No matter the length of the years or the time that passes, this brother is not going to stop writing until his dear little sister knows just what he thinks of her.

My Thoughts: I got a little sentimental and emotional at the end of this book, I’ll admit it. Being an oldest siblings myself, I remember the excitement of waiting for a little sibling to arrive and how many adventures I thought I was going to have with them. Since I myself am getting ready to step into a new part of my life soon, the story of their relationship changing as the brother graduates and heads off to college is sweet. The author and illustrators do an excellent job depicting this sibling relationship through the letters the brother figure has written and the illustrations that capture wonderful character moments.

Parental Advisories: If you are opposed to tattoos, the main character (the brother) does get a tattoo at the end of the book and the idea of getting a tattoo is discussed throughout the read.

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