Escape From the Isle of the Lost

Recently, I was blessed to receive a copy of the newest Melissa de la Cruz Descendants novel through a giveaway generously hosted by Leslie Kay from The Disneybound. Today we’re going to be reviewing the fourth and possibly last novel in the Descendants series.

The Story: Mal and her friends have fought hard for the peace they’re enjoying now. She loves her amazing boyfriend, King Ben, the wonderful friends who make up her family, and Auradon Prep. Unfortunately, not everyone is content to let Mal live her life in peace. Uma, daughter of Ursula, is still lurking around in the waters between Auradon and the Isle of the Lost, searching for a way to escape. It seems she’s not alone however. Hades, former god of the underworld, has been trapped in the bowels of the Isle for as long as both girls can remember and he’s even more desperate to get away from this prison to get back to the paradise he once knew as an all powerful being. With Uma’s help, Hades might be able to get off the island and wreak havoc for the innocent citizens in Auradon. He and Uma might even (dare they think it?) be able to kick back and enjoy life – if they can just escape.

My Thoughts: I’ve enjoyed this series since I picked up the first book in 2015. Melissa de la Cruz is an excellent authoress who is a credit to the Descendants brand by writing novels that flesh out the world of the films and manages to write what feels like a tangible world. These books are fun ways to escape into another dimension and the perfect treat on a hot summer’s day.

Parental Advisories: None! Melissa de la Cruz does an excellent job of keeping these books appropriate for any age group.

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