Cats vs Robots

In this week’s delightful tale, whimsy and reality collide with all the villainy that felines and artificial intelligence have to offer in Cats vs Robots!

The Story: For cats, there’s only one thing that can rouse them from their plushy lives up in space away from all troubles and interference: gaining the technology needed to give them more than nine lives. Though it may seem impossible, Earth, as insignificant as it is to Chairman Meow, may actually have something special to offer. Unfortunately, the Feline Confederation isn’t the only one interested in this treasure. They’ll have to get to the blue planet before the robots if they want the tech. Of course, that’s provided they can get through Min and Max, two siblings who are determined to keep their life going just as it should be. Clever Min is determined to make her newest invention a winner while soft-hearted Max just wants to take care of the new kittens he’s rescued. But what happens when the siblings realize they may have to choose not only between helping the two intergalactic groups invading Earth – and each other?

My Thoughts: I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but ya’ll, it was hard not to with this read. I mean, how adorable does this read look? The story inside did not disappoint either. For fans of the Cats vs Dogs films or just the wacky mashup genre as a whole, Margaret Stohl and Lewis Peterson have written a book that you’ll be remembering for years to come.

Parental Advisories: There is some crude humor because this book does involve animals, so bathroom humor is thrown in here and there unfortunately. For the most part though, this book is pretty clean of anything parents need worry about. I recommend this weird and wonderful read!

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