Timelines of Everything

We’re reading another nonfiction read as the beginning of school comes closer. For history buffs, parents, or just educators looking to review some fun material before the school year starts, Smithsonian and DK’s new book Timelines of Everything is an excellent read.

The Summary: History is ever changing and there is never a loss of things to talk about. From the beginning of ancient history to the reformations and revolutions that changed the modern world as we know it, this comprehensive read does its best to cover a lot in a little bit of space. With its unique layout, this book is a feast for the eyes. The read is crafted with different time periods in mind as it uses “newspaper clippings”, infograph-like spreads, and notable art/photography pieces to set the proper mood for each time period. Whether this book ends up being a centerpiece for your educational purposes, this is still a read worth handing to your child just for a read through.

My Thoughts: As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I’m a history buff and am always interested to see what kind of reads being provided for children these days. Smithsonian and DK do an admirable job with this excellently designed book which manages to cover some of the most impactful events in all of history. This is not the most detailed read; you won’t find any astounding historical facts that you haven’t heard of here, but it’s a great introduction for readers just getting to higher levels of reading.

Parental Advisories: The book does cover the theory of Big Bang and present it as fact so for parents who believe in a Creationist worldview, this book may be a great starting point for some meaningful conversations with children. There is also made mention of different kinds of social change, some of which may not always be considered good by parents of all different kinds. I think this is a book that could spark some great conversation with your kids. Otherwise, I highly recommend this read!

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1 Response to Timelines of Everything

  1. I do like the DK books especially their travel ones. Lots of colourful pictures and easy to follow information in plain English.

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