Seeing Stars

This week we’re going over a nonfiction read perfect for the summertime. Before star-gazing on the roof, why not pick up this book on constellations for your kids?

Summary: For the budding astronomists and mythology nerds among your children, Sara Gillingham has written a book that is sure to make any curious student delighted. Chock-full of graphic designs and entertaining stories, this book is sure to answer all the questions your kids have (and haven’t) asked. Ever wondered who gave the Southern Cross its name? Curious as to why Canis Major and Minor were named after dogs? Seeing Stars: A Seeing Guide to the 88 Constellation is the perfect book to quench a learner’s thirst and spark a deeper love for astronomy.

My Thoughts: As a fan of mythology and also just a student who loves learning, this is a read that I definitely would consider owning. Sara Gillingham manages to convey the information in a concise form, compiling interesting facts that kids will eat up. Her simple designs will also be loved by younger readers.

Parental Advisories: None!

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