The Extraordinary Colors of Auden Dare

I’ve become a pretty big fan of sci-fi over the past few years. While the genre selections for children can be hit or miss, The Extraordinary Colors of Auden Dare is a read worth checking out.

The Story: In a futuristic world filled with all sorts of neat gadgets, drones, and a war between groups who seek control over the natural resources. Yet even in this universe with its advanced technology, eleven year old Auden Dare can not see color. Not even a little. When Auden’s uncle dies and leaves him and his mom a place to stay, Auden hopes that Uncle Jonah’s genius might help him see as everyone else does, especially when he finds something mysterious entitled Project Rainbow on the property. When one of his new classmates, Vivi, gets involved in a hunt for the truth about Uncle Jonah’s robot Paragon and his secret project. Together, the two kids must discover the truth before anyone else does if Auden is to ever, just once, see extraordinary colors.

My Thoughts: Zillah Bethell weaves a tale that is at times familiar and at others completely fresh. Auden, Vivi, and Paragon are endearing characters and Auden’s struggle will be relatable for any kid who was born a little differently from the rest. I really enjoyed paging through this novel. With its entertaining mystery and attention focused on characters, this is a book that kids will find worth reading.

Parental Advisories: None! This is a clean read that is highly enjoyable.

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