Annie’s Life in Lists

Once in a while there are interestingly formatted books that come into the children’s genre. Kristin Mahoney recently released a quaint book called Annie’s Life in Lists.

The Story: Annie loves making lists, but she doesn’t quite like her freakishly amazing memory. In fact, it is this particularly amazing memory that makes her blurt in front of the school principal and get herself kicked out of school. Annie can’t get rid of the feeling that it’s her fault they are moving too and she’s not the only one. Her older brother Ted is just as unhappy, leaving Annie with only her lists to cling to. As she enters a new school year and tries to navigate her way around without ruining it by her freakish memory, Annie may learn that life doesn’t quite fit into all of her lists and that sometimes that’s okay.

My Thoughts: This was a pretty entertaining read. Annie is a sweet main character and her struggle to find herself and break out of her introverted shell is one I can relate to. I recommend this middle-grade book for young readers.

Parental Advisories: There is a little bit of mention of racism in this book with Annie’s new best friend Zora who is black and has a crush on a white boy whose grandmother disapproves of their friendship. I’ve expressed my ire with the way contemporary politics has crept into children’s books recently, but at least the main focus of the book tends to be on the plot and this is only made small mention of.

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