The Silk Roads

This week’s read is another nonfiction aimed at children packed chock-full of entertaining facts and figures to entertain. Curious kids and adults alike will enjoy this fascinating book, The Silk Roads: An Illustrated New History of the World, which tells the story of one of the most influential trade routes in history.

Summary: The Silk Road is renowned for being the connector the ancient world, but it’s not often you will find a book aimed at children discussing all the different roads that can claim the title of being one of the “Silk Roads”. The story of their birth and use is a look at not only commerce, but also the ancient world. For the first time in history, peoples from around the world could trade freely and interact, leading to a greater market than ever before. But the path to the Silk Road was not always an easy one and its existence was fraught with many battles. The Silk Road tells a story of shifting political climates, the very first marketers, the evolution of capitalism, and a world coming into its own as much as the road itself was.

My Thoughts: I recall learning and reading about the Silk Road from China multiple times in my youth. Marco Polo made the trade route especially famous during his travels. Neil Packer takes the basic knowledge that most readers will know and manages to tell a riveting story about ancient and even more recent history with it. Fans of history will be thrilled with this book and I highly recommend homeschool educators pick this read up; it will not disappoint. The art within is quirky and intriguing, sure to make readers keep turning the pages to see more.

Parental Advisories: None! The book does describe some of the wars fought and there are some mildly violent images in the book, but nothing excessively gory or gratuitous.

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4 Responses to The Silk Roads

  1. mrbooks15 says:

    Is this a separate version for children or the original book with illustrations? Glad you wrote about this because I’ve been wanting to pick up a copy and one with illustrations will always be my preferred choice.

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