Easter Reads

On this holiest of holiday weeks, we’re reading through three different reads about Easter. While one of them is secular, the other two are based on the Biblical story of Jesus Christ and the miracle of his resurrection. Lets take a look!

Book 1: We’re starting off with the first book, a sweet little read from Little Golden Books called The Golden Egg Book. When a little bunny comes across an egg one day, he is unsure what lies within. Could it be a human? Could it be another bunny? Maybe it’s an elephant! Whatever it is, Bunny soon grows very sleepy and curls up next to the egg for a little nap. What comes out of the egg is a new friend for bunny and a chance to enjoy Easter day together. Little Golden Books does an excellent job with their illustrations by Leonard Weisgard and the simple text by Margaret Wise Brown. The painterly pictures are perfect for the book and will be a joy to page through with children.

Book 2: The next book on the list is That Grand Easter Day and is written by Jill Roman Lord, with illustrations by Alessia Trunfio. This story covers the events of Easter Sunday from the hours before Jesus’ resurrection to His appearance to the disciples and women at the tomb. This book is written in rhyme, which helps to create a rhythm and flow that helps make this book fun. In addition, Alessia Trunfio’s color and light-based illustrations, while simple in design, suit the writing well. She excels in creating a mood with her art and this book is no exception. This is definitely a fun read that children and parents will enjoy reading together.

Book 3: The last book (and my personal favorite) is Miracle Man: The Story of Jesus. Written and illustrated by John Hendrix, this book is a tribute to the grandeur of the Christ story and the majesty of His resurrection. Every page is colorful and bright, with unique text that jumps out at the reader, exaggerating the might of Jesus’ words. Using words from the Bible and stories carefully chosen to show the power of the Easter story, the author/illustrator tries to show in a simple picture book form just how different and amazing the Biblical story of Christ really is. This book pops out at you and grabs your attention from the first few pages. Not only will children love looking through this book, but parents will enjoy reading it on their own and to their kids.

My Thoughts: Easter is one of my favorite holidays just for the meaning and these manage to capture some of the wonder and joy that encapsulates Easter Sunday. Even the Big Little Golden Book is a read that I would highly recommend just for the story focused on new life. All of these reads are well written and illustrated and definitely worth a read this year.

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