Winnie’s Great War

If you’re a fan of A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh or just enjoy a good historical yarn, chances are you’ll enjoy the new book Winnie’s Great War. This charming read, based on a true story, is a sure to entertain.

The Story: Bear is very happy with Mama, living in the forest and exploring the world around her, that is, until her world is upset by Mama’s sudden absence. Suddenly, Bear must find her way alone in the world, even if that means that she has to rely on the temporary generosity of a human boy in the woods and his grandparents. And then one day she’ll never forget, Lieutenant Harry Colebourn appears and falls as ardently in love with her as she with him. With his condensed milk, stable full of friendly horses, and troop of soldiers, Bear is not just a little cub anymore – now she is Winnie, the mascot of the Second Canadian Infantry Brigade. Her humble life has changed quite a bit; after all, she’s the first bear to go to war and face danger right in the eye! The forest is a long way away now…

My Thoughts: I am a huge fan of books based on historical events and this was no exception Lindsay Mattick, Josh Greenhut, and Sophie Blackall do an incredible job of bringing this story to life. Winnie is a likable character as are all of the men who surround her. I feel particularly sorry for those who were lost in the Great War, as it was known back then. It is rather interesting to take a look at World War I, especially given the fact that I don’t know as much about the war preceding WWII.

Parental Advisory: None! This is a clean read that is also super educational (guess I’m just starting a new trend in my weekly reads!).

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