Lulu the Broadway Mouse

If you’re something of a secret musical geek like me or just a plain diva, you might want to check out this new book by Broadway sweetheart Jenna Gavigan.

The Story: Lulu loves working at Broadway’s Shubert Theatre, where her mom and dad help with the backstage portions of the shows. It’s great to help, don’t get her wrong, but Lulu has greater ambitions to not just help the stars, but to be a star. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly easy when you’re a mouse. That’s right: Lulu and her family are mice, thus making any chance the talented mousling has pretty much nil. However, when a new understudy for mean girl Amanda arrives, Lulu thinks that she might actually have a shot at the limelight. Now she just needs to make sure she’s prepared.

My Thoughts: I really like this book. I mean, I really, really, like the way this book presents the theater and manages to capture the fun, the thrill, and all the magic that encompasses the stage. Being a Broadway performer isn’t just song and dance; it’s also blood, sweat, and tears, a fact that Jenny Gavigan manages to portray rather well without losing how tantalizing the lure of the stage really is.

Parental Advisory: Language is implied without really being said, so I’d leave that up to the imagination of your kids. Otherwise, this book is super clean and fun!

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