Gordan Korman is a well-known author for his books that cover a range of genres and subjects and one of his latest, Whatshisface is yet another example of his talent and dexterity.

The Story: Cooper Vega knows what it’s like to be get tossed from place to place. This is not the first time he’s moved and this is likely not the last time either. So he’s not exactly expecting much from Stratford, especially when he’s nicknamed “whatshisface” by the really popular and equally jerk-faced Brock. Even the girl he likes can barely remember his name the first couple of times he talks to her, so it’s not like he’s expecting much. But when his new GX-4000 starts acting super bizarre, Cooper knows something even more weird is up. When a sixteenth-century ghost named Roderick pops out of his phone, Cooper knows life at Stratford is going to become a whole lot more awkward; that is until Roderick actually starts helping him become a little bit more than the new kid. Maybe, just maybe he can become something great, something more than…oh…what’s his face?

My Thoughts: I am a pretty big fan of Gordan Korman, as his is a pretty great success story, as far as writers go. His work is relatable and entertaining and Whatshisface is no exception. With wit and humor, Korman writes characters that are great to read about. For light contemporary enjoyment with a bit of a historical twist, check this book out!

Parental Advisory: You may have a problem with mild middle school bullying, violence, and derogatory commentary, but otherwise, this is a clean read.

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