Knights vs Dinosaurs

This week, we’re flipping through Knights vs Dinosaurs, a fun book that puts history into perspective in a fun way. Besides being factually correct and a great way to introduce your kids to certain concepts, it’s also just plain entertaining!

The Story: Life in Camelot is great, when it’s not so, well, boring. Sir Eric doesn’t think he can take another minute of listening to his fellow knights’ yarns, so when there is a moment of silence, he decides to make a boast and not just any boast: he says he’s slain forty dragons. It would be rather impressive, if not for the fact that Merlin has just dared Sir Eric to dispel the Terrible Lizard. It seems this is the start of another adventure, and with the companionship of Sir Bors, Sir Hector, Squire Mel, and the mysterious Black Knight, Eric might just be able to survive – if he doesn’t run into anymore dinosaurs that is.

My Thoughts: Packed with humor, loose sketches, and plenty of dinosaurs, Matt Phelan manages to tell a fun story that is as informative as it is exciting. Middle-grade readers will power through this quick-paced read with ease as the heroes battle dinos of all shapes and sizes.

Parental Advisories: Aside from some mild violence, this is a clean, straightforward read. I might say that this is also a great way to teach your kids what “dragons” really were back in the old days.

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2 Responses to Knights vs Dinosaurs

  1. You know Knights vs. Dinosaurs is going to be a good book just from the title!

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