Lucky Luna

I really appreciate family stories, especially sister-sister tales or cousins, or whatever. Coming from a large Hispanic family myself, I recently picked up Diana Lopez’s latest book, Lucky Luna, which is pretty relatable and also tons of fun to read through.

The Story: Luna is one of many, many kids in her family, meaning she’s got a whole lot of primas. Most of them are older though, so it’s not exactly fun being one of the younger cousins, especially when she has to deal with goody-two-shoes, tattletale Claudia. To make matters worse, Claudia is going to be coming to Luna’s middle school soon, which means that she’s going to have to endure her ALL. SCHOOL. YEAR. Plus, Luna’s already upset because she can’t wear hats since her prima’s quince, which means the white streak in Luna’s hair – a birth defect – is going to be on display for everyone to see. Can Luna survive? And will she ever discover the true meaning of her abuela’s favorite saying, “La sangre es mas espesa que el agua.”?

My Thoughts: With wit, humor, and heart, authoress Diana Lopez manages to capture what it means to be part of such a big family, especially one that is Hispanic. I cannot tell you guys how many times I related to this book when reading through it. The only time I think I thought I was seeing my family more was when watching Pixar’s Coco! As for the story, I think middle-graders will enjoy Luna. She is a down-to-earth heroine who is easy to relate to, especially for those kids who feel just how annoying their families can get. For a good family story and a little bit of Hispanic wisdom, I’d advise picking up Lucky Luna!

Parental Advisories: None! Plus, this book is filled with abuelas, abuelos, and parents ready to tell both Luna (and by extension, the reader) the right thing to do.

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