25 Reads of Xmas #21

Every day in December leading up to Christmas we’ll be reading a book to enjoy the season. Join us as we enjoy seasonal reads that are perfect to celebrate the holidays!

Fans of historical fiction and the real life authors of acclaimed classics will flock to this new Christmas read:

Tru and Nelle were the best of friends before Truman the shrimp went away with his mother and stepfather. Now he’s locked between his mother and real father as they fight over who gets to keep and it sure ain’t as heck a great Christmas present. Matter of fact, it isn’t much of a Christmas present at all. Nelle hates it all too, because her best friend is acting more like a hoity-toity New Yorker than the imaginative partner in crime that she cares so much about. When Truman’s sent to an awful military school after the custody battle, the only thing he can think to do is to run. And where else to run to except back to the best friend who he’s had all the best adventures with? But while True and Nelle may be happy to see each other, both know that their time together can’t last. If they’re really going to enjoy Christmas, True and Nelle will have to team up to fix life for both of them, even if means confronting the prejudices of Monroeville, Tru’s family, and their biggest fears. Luckily, as Nelle says, “Don’t forget, we get to say what we make of our lives, not them.”

Not much is often written on the friendship between writers Truman Capote and Nelle Harper Lee. G. Neri manages to capture the freedom and fun of childhood while also managing to discuss complexity with the same delicacy that Harper Lee possessed when penning To Kill a Mockingbird. Tru & Nelle: A Christmas Tale discusses adult problems through a child’s eyes with tact and grace.

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