25 Reads of Xmas #16

Every day in December leading up to Christmas we’ll be reading a book to enjoy the season. Join us as we enjoy seasonal reads that are perfect to celebrate the holidays!

Looking for a more Bible-based Christmas tale? Told through the eyes of the animals who witnessed parts of the Nativity story, this is one of the most unique versions of the Christmas tale that you’ve never seen before.

It is a normal day for Ima, the goat, and Lila, the shepherd’s dog. They’re the caretakers of their master’s flock. Lila and Ima are the best of friends and they take pride in doing their job well, but this season as the weather grows colder, something else is afoot. A star has appeared in the sky and with it come all hosts of visitors: angels, men from the East, and nasty merchants who want to cook Ima up for dinner. Together, Ima and Lila will come out of this experience a little wiser and touched by a holy spirit unlike any other.

Certain Poor Shepherds is an one of the better crafted books that I’ve read this season. It definitely has an interesting premise, following the tale of two animals guarding a local shepherd’s flock who witness different pieces of the Christmas story. Authoress Elizabeth Marshall Thomas does an excellent job of following the separate tales of the goat, Ima, and the sheepdog, Lila. I recommend this read, especially if you are a family looking for faith-based works this holiday season.

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