Holiday Reading

Just as a quick aside from our 25 Reads of Xmas series, today I’m posting a list of all the books we read from last holiday season. These Christmas picks are perfect for younger readers who aren’t ready to challenge the bigger books of 25 Reads of Xmas, so if you’re looking for some reading you can do with all of your littles, I advise checking out this list of reviews!

The Christmas HatTis the Season Day 1

If You Take a Mouse to the MoviesTis the Season Day 2

Missile ToeTis the Season Day 3

The Biggest Smallest Christmas PresentTis the Season Day 4

The Day Santa Stopped Believing in HaroldTis the Season Day 5

The Christmas Tale of Peter RabbitTis the Season Day 6

Mrs. Claus Takes a VacationTis the Season Day 7

Welcome ComfortTis the Season Day 8

Norman Rockwell’s Deck the HallsTis the Season Day 9

Captain Bling’s Christmas PlunderTis the Season Day 10

The Twelve Sleighs of ChristmasTis the Season Day 11

Samurai SantaTis the Season Day 12

The All-I’ll-Ever-Want-for-ChristmasTis the Season Day 13

Christmas in the MorningTis the Season Day 14

The Nutcracker in AmericaTis the Season Day 15

The Christmas Coal ManTis the Season Day 16

Rocking Horse ChristmasTis the Season Day 17

The Third GiftTis the Season Day 18

Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerTis the Season Day 19

Rudolph Shines AgainTis the Season Day 20

The Legend of Papa NoelTis the Season Day 21

How Santa Lost His JobTis the Season Day 22

The Christmas ThingamajigTis the Season Day 23

My Penguin OsbertTis the Season Day 24

Twas the Day Before ChristmasTis the Season Day 25

Tell me in the comments about all the fun that you and your younger kids have/had reading through these and other wonderful Christmas books!

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2 Responses to Holiday Reading

  1. I love the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.series! I didn’t know their was a Christmas book tho, I will have to check it out ❤

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