Lock and Key: The Final Step

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you a very special book review, brought to you by the generous folks at Harper Collins.

You all may remember that I am slightly enamored with Ridley Pearson’s writing. Time and time again, Pearson has proved that he is adept at crafting unique stories with interesting twists.

In the final installation of the Lock and Key series, we pick up a few months after the end of Downward Spiral. Moria and James are still wrapped up in the mystery that they were first plunged into in The Intitiation. The plot begins immediately, plunging us deep into mystery with the death of a significant figure in the Moriarty’s siblings lives. During a rather perilous game of Capture the Flag, James and former friend Lexie come across a dying confidante from the Brotherhood of Scowerers. Forced to work together, James and Lexie will have to investigate who is the murderer, even as Moria struggles to penetrate her brother’s mysterious shroud to discover more about their family secrets. This thrilling conclusion draws all old friends, like Sherlock, and new friends, like Lexie, into the ever-tightening spiral of peril as the Moriarty siblings must face their destiny and past all at once – leaving only one question left: what really happened to James Keynan Moriarty?

You guys, I just cannot explain how fast I went through this book. When cracking the covers of Initiation, I was super eager. Given the fact that I tore through the last two, I could not wait to read this.


You may be wondering what I thought? The results of my deep and extensive read-through? This book blew my mind. I did not expect the series to take this turn at all (no spoilers though!) The storyline is fresh, it’s exciting, and the pacing really drives home, although that may just have to do with the fact that I was so eager to read. The characters with the most development in this novel are James and Lexie, with Moria taking more of a backseat as the main character and instead stepping into the place of narrator. Honestly, if I had a single criticism, it’s that I didn’t get enough time with Sherlock and Moria, who have quickly become some of my favorite literary characters, especially when playing off of each other of James. Still, this was an excellent, excellent read.

A huge thanks should go to Harper Collins, as they were not only gracious enough to send me The Final Step, but also sent me the first two books along with a spy kit. I was so grateful to receive this entire package and I cannot tell you how much fun it was to look through all of these items. If you’re struggling to find anything for your kids this holiday season, you might want to take a look at picking up this series and a spy kit just like this one. It’s definitely a great series to read through no matter when you pick it up and I highly recommend you pick it up!

(Oh, and Ridley Pearson, if you’re reading this…more please!)

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  1. Great review – Now I want to read it!

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